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Updated 1 October 2012

Welcome to the Webbilicious Cookbook. Just a few recipes for now, but the list will grow as I add on more.
Most recipes are quick and easy, suitable for family meals, pitch-ins, special occasions and holidays. Newly added items are listed first.

Chess Pie
There's no mystery to assembling this timeless Southern classic. A few simple ingredients makes for a sweet, buttery-rich finish to any meal.

Oven Fried Chicken Tenders
My own concoction for easy, crispy, flavorful chicken tenders. You may use this same recipe for wings, thighs, boneless chicken breasts, even fish. Just adjust cooking times to ensure meat is thoroughly cooked — but not overcooked!

Dear Abby's Pecan Pie
When I was a kid, I didn't like pecan pie much. Way too rich and sweet. However, I found this recipe in Dear Abby's column years ago, made it, and now I'm a confirmed pecan pie lover. This is perfect for fall and winter dinners. Hello, Thanksgiving and Christmas menu planners!

Cuppa Cake
Very quick and easy dessert made famous by Steel Magnolias' Truvy. Vary the canned fruit and/or cut down on sugar as needed.

Chocolate Chip Snack Cake
Just in time for fall get-togethers. This cake makes up quickly and is so good. Allergic to nuts? Just omit them.

Cherry Kijafa Cake
An easy to make chocolate cake glazed with a sweet cherry wine syrup. Perfect for a picnic or pitch-in dinner. May want to keep the kids away from this!

Oven "Fried" Eggplant
Delicious, quick, easy way to prepare "fried" eggplant without the mess, hassle, or extra calories. Wonderful for parties and everyday meals.

Cheese Straws
Just in time for your holiday parties — or any time! —cheese straws are always a welcome treat. Tastes so good with a bowl of hot tomato soup, my favorite accompaniment.

Tuna Burgers
I searched high and low for this, a throwback to my junior high Home Ec classes. These sandwiches are quite tasty and very easy to make. Good for a casual weekend lunch with the kids.

Slow Cooker Lentil Stew
One of my all-time favorites prepared in that wonder appliance, the slow cooker. You can throw this together in the morning then come home to a hot hearty dinner. Vegetarians, please omit ham and sub veggie broth for the chicken.

Lemon Cake
This cake earns raves every time it's served. Very easy to make, and it tastes so refreshing. Just like lemonade!

"Bird Seed" Snack
A throwback to my Scout camp days. Pre-trail mix era snack mix that's good and nutritious. Sweet, salty, crunchy. Eat during hiking, traveling, biking, any time. Very easy.

Potato Soup with Bacon
Another gem from Lynne Rosetto Kasper (The Splendid Table). This is her recipe for a potato soup that's out of this world. Wonderful with hot crusty bread on a cold, cold night. Try Lynne's tip for "gilding the lily." They're worth it!

Ruby Chicken
Taken from Lynne Rossetto Kasper's NPR show, The Splendid Table, this in another "Wow!" dish that's so easy to prepare. Perfect for family suppers or company dinners. The wine and pomegranate juice add that extra "Pow!"

Chicken in Pastry
Chicken En Croute is more like it. I found this on a mailing list and thought it'd be great for a post-Christmas dinner. It can be good any time, and the use of frozen puff pastry makes this dish a breeze.

Brined & Grilled Pork Chops
I received this in a recipe e-letter and made it that night. Easy and Yummy!

Roasted Broccoli (or any Veggie)
By far my favorite method for cooking vegetables. This might be the ticket to get kids to eat more vegetables. Crispy, flavorful, not at all soggy or off-color. Highly nutritious, too.

Easy Chicken Croquettes with Cream Sauce
Good way to use up the last of that rotisserie chicken. These make up quickly and are so delicious.

Tuna Casserole, Webbilicious Style
An old favorite gets a slight makeover for added flavor and texture. Still the "quick & easy" staple for weeknight supper!

Strawberry Glacé Pie
Okay, so this is not exactly everyday fare, but it's a spectacular finish to any meal. Take advantage of in-season strawberries and give this spin on an old classic a try.

Almond Cake
Super easy to put together. A delicious and elegant sweet, perfect with coffee or tea.

Hot Chicken Salad
This is really a casserole that makes good use of leftover chicken or turkey. Great for pitch-ins or parties.

Stewed Chicken made easy
What's so special about stewed chicken? When it's made with favorite parts. I prefer using parts (breasts and thighs) over whole chicken as it cooks up within an hour. Very flavorful and wonderful with noodles, rice, or dumplings.

Easy Salmon Patties
Call them patties or croquettes. These make up quick and are great for family dinner or lunch. These patties also make tasty sandwiches, too. Just slap on a bun with some cocktail sauce.

Hobo Dinners: The Oven Version
A summer camp favorite comes home to the oven. Very easy to put together, and NO pans to wash up!

The Original Girl Scout Cookies
Recipe for the original cookies baked and sold in 1922. These are very close to the old Burry's Scot-Teas. Delicious!

Easy Corn Salad
Super easy and tasty salad that can be whipped up in minutes. The only "real" work is chopping the green peppers. The rest? Open the cans and bottles!

Easy Meatloaf
My aunt's recipe. Note there is no pork in this, so it's nice for those who avoid such. There is also no salt, but please season if you want. Actually, this is quite tasty without the additional salt.

King Ranch Casserole
A quick version of the famous dish. This casserole, ready to heat and serve, is always featured in Neiman-Marcus' Christmas catalog. But why pay $$$ when this version can be made at a fraction of the cost.

My own chili
Another of my fast versions of an old favorite. Very good on a cold evening.

Black-Eyed Pea Dip
I made this for a church pitch-in, and it always goes very fast. It's great with tortilla chips.

My Mom's Escalloped Corn
This is the famous corn casserole served at Thanksgiving, Christmas, family reunions, church suppers, any time! My mom's version is very easy to make – and rich. It's the butter, baby. :-)

Pineapple Dressing
My grandmother's recipe. This is a delicious dressing for fruit salad.

My own apple pie
I've made this so many times. Just a basic apple pie recipe but with personal touches – such as three sugars plus honey and vanilla. Pass the ice cream!

Roselyn's Famous Pumpkin Pie
My all-time favorite pumpkin pie from the long defunct local bakery chain. A snap to put together, and it tastes so good.

Pecan Bourbon Cake
My mom's recipe. This is a family favorite at Christmas. Well worth the effort!

Coffee Toffee
A marriage of my favorite treats: toffee, coffee, and chocolate. If you like making candy, this recipe is very easy. Taken from Debbi Fields' Cookie Cookbook. Yummy!

Marinated Lamb Chops
If you like lamb, this recipe is for you. Very easy and flavorful.

My Favorite Pork Chops
Super easy and fast recipe for pork chops. Tastes great with the addition of dry mustard and fruit juice. Cook 'em in the oven or on stovetop.
NOTE: The page opens with a snappy – and so appropriate – Brady Bunch quote.

Hot Water Cornbread
Easy version of a soul food classic. Delicious with the above porkchops and greens.

Heartburn Salad
One of my favorites for pitch-ins. Recipe can be easily doubled or tripled for a crowd.

Microwave Fudge Sauce
Now this is really easy, and just a measuring cup to wash up. This is one of my favorite chocolate sauce recipes. Makes up in less than a minute. Great if you get a sudden chocolate attack.

Quick Blueberry Cobbler
Super easy dessert for a summer evening – or anytime! Works with blackberries, too.

Peach Pie
Take advantage of summer-fresh peaches. This pie makes up quickly if ready-made pastry is used. Pairs wonderfully with vanilla ice cream.

Happy Cooking! There will be more recipes added soon.

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