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the commons

Updated 19 October 2014

Welcome to "The Commons", FKA "Grand Web Central," linking every web site, mailing list, web ring, blog, and other online endeavors I own and maintain. Of course, I have many WEBBILICIOUS features linked as well. Use the category navigation at top to get to The Good Stuff.

All My Sites & Other Goodies OR "My Life in CyberWorld"

updated Crazedwriter's Fanfiction Repository
Huge collection of fan fiction written from 1997 onwards. Most loosely inspired by favorite movies and TV shows: Disney's Hunchback, Little Mermaid, Dinosaur, Star Wars, Oz, Jurassic Park, Upstairs Downstairs, Land Before Time, etc. Be warned: the early stuff (e.g., HoND/Frollo) is blatantly Mary Sue. The other stories are much better. In recent years the site has lost much of its fangirl gushiness.
Please note the site''s former host (Lbbhost) is defunct. It is now hosted at Tripod until I complete its move to its new host. No updates until then.

Crazedwriter's World/Passion Magic™
This is my original fiction. Mostly fantasy, mystery, adventure, romance, some sci-fi. Ranges from PG to NC-17.

My Say
After a long hiatus, my personal narrative offerings are back, with yet another new title. Couldn't confuse the informal blog with with more in-depth offerings here! For now, just those old articles dating from 2003 to 2006 are online. More will come as soon as I write them.

Mind Squeezings
My personal blog on just about anything and everything. Whatever is on my mind or going on at home. Drop by any time. Registration with Word Press is not required but preferred.

Crazedwriter's Updates Board
Just your basic bulletin board where I post each and every update and news item for all the sites. All are welcome but registration is required to post comments.

My Webrings 4 Writers (& Fans!)
Do you write? Use WebTV? Love Disney? How about dinosaurs? Own a site matching any of my rings' criteria? Please consider joining one of my seven rings. I have rings for fan fiction, fan sites, general writings, writers of adult (R to NC-17 with taste, NO nasty porn!) works, longtime WebTV users/webmasters, and dinosaur lovers. Even if you don't have a site, why not visit the rings? Surf the sites; support the ringmaster and members. We'd certainly appreciate it!

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Webbilicious Troubleshooters
If you should run into any problems on this site: Faulty links, dead links, faulty coding, etc., please use this form. I will take care of the problem as soon as possible.

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The Workroom: Resources, Tools, Information

Images 2 Share
Just that Assorted web graphics I've collected over the years. Backgrounds, animated gifs, illustrations, cartoon dollz I've made. Please save to own files.

Writer's F-Key
Collection of writing resources. Most things I made myself. Fantasy title generators, name generators, wordpro, forms for story planning, etc., plus links to more writing resources on the web.
As of this update, I have yet to edit out the WebTV-specific writer resources. Just ignore those links for now. Thanks!

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The Lounge: Pleasant Diversions for Everyone

 Video Shares
Just a few links to YouTube videos I've found. Mostly clips from favorite movies, TV shows, music videos, old commercials, performing arts, and science. There will be more as soon as I find them.

Webbilicious Cookbook
Growing collection of quick and easy recipes. Suitable for family meals and special occasions. Try the escalloped corn It's worth the calories!

Sweet & Sexy Ladies
Image shares of beautiful women dressed to kill. Mostly pinup and fetish fashion. No nudity involved.

Beauty on the Cheap
A few of my own money-saving tips for looking and feeling good. Most cosmetics can be made from what's on hand at home. Why pay top dollar for essentially the same ingredients?

Slide Show Omnibus
It's back! All shows to date are fully functioning.

Classic matching game.

Classic guess-the-word game. Most words are definitely from a senior high vocabulary textbook. Really tests your spelling and vocab skills!

165 Eaton Place
Special tribute to one of my all-time favorite TV shows, Upstairs Downstairs. Five pages of photos and information from all five seasons of this great British drama.

See the Cross on the Apple?
I took the photos last year then featured them on one of my MSNTV pages. Now I'm sharing it on Webbilicious. While I do believe in divinely inspired phenomena, please feel free to judge for yourself. A heavenly sign or just another fluke?

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