Divine Sign or Just A Freak Marking?

Below are two photos of an apple I took for lunch. This apple lurked in my produce drawer for more than 2 weeks. Astonishingly, it was still good, still edible.

When I took the apple out of my bag, I noticed something strange. Now I don't usually see these things on inanimate objects -- You know, people see images of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, a saint or two, etc. in toast, on a window, in freshly poured concrete, et.al.

Look very closely at these photos. You can see an impression of what looks like a cross. Immediately I took out my camera phone and snapped a couple of pictures. I didn't enshrine the apple on my mantle or take it to my pastor. Needless to say, I simply ate the fruit. Hey, I was hungry! Besides, I believe the markings came from the produce drawer. The apple was stuck in the back, against the frame, so I assume that's how the cross image got there.

By the way, I am a believer but prefer to see heavenly beings in my subconscious mind and dreams, and I see Heaven many times in my dreams!

Anyway, look at the photos. Decide if it's divinely inspired or just a fluke. If you want to, Drop me a line.

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