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Updated 4 November 2011

WEBMISTRESS' ALERT: I have no immediate plans to make more slide shows. What is here remains as is. All shows use frames to allow music to play through. Please allow for the "break out" page to redirect back here.
Unfortunately, if you're on Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome, the background music will not play; instead, use Internet Explorer. WebTV/MSNTV users, these shows will work for you! If anyone knows other browsers (other than IE that is) that allow background music to play, please let me know.

The Shows

Beautiful Bridges
My first slide show made back in 2002. It gained quite a following, and it is my favorite show to date. Just images of the world's most famous bridges.

Welcome to Indianapolis
Nice armchair tour of my home town, featuring some of my favorite Circle City "must see" places.
FYI: Some sites depicted here have been built and/or renovated in recent years. When times allows, I'll edit this show with updated photos.

The Approaching Storm
Got these great storm photos from a friend. What I thought were photos of an approaching Hurricane Katrina are not! The pictures were taken by a storm chaser, many years before Katrina was a mere low pressure cell. Nine images in all.

Disney Villains Gallery
The best of the bad. Image gallery of famous Disney villains, from Snow White's Evil Queen to Lion King's Scar.

Wonders of the World ~ Ancient & Modern
All the seven ancient wonders and a handful of modern ones are displayed.

Just Pretty Pictures
No particular theme Just various attractive images. Landscapes, fantasy, space, illustrations, etc.

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