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Updated 9 June 2013. Newly linked items listed first.

Ever since I got enhanced DSL (Hooray Broadband!) I've been a regular YouTube customer, surfing for old TV shows, movie clips, music videos old and current, concert footage, news stories, etc. Some homemade videos I've watched are quite entertaining and very well put together. Those gems I've found are listed and linked below. Also, once at YouTube, check out related videos on the sidebar. You might find some gems yourself. Enjoy!

ATTENTION WEBTV/MSNTV users: You will not be able to view the videos as the set-top browser is dial-up and IE 4 compatible. You will need a PC, Mac, iPad, iPod, or smartphone with broadband connection. MSNTV2 users with broadband may need workarounds.

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Annette serial from The Mickey Mouse Club
After Annette passed, I searched YouTube for the serial she did on the old MMC. I spent an entire Saturday night watching this. What joys to see familiar TV faces from yesteryear. Shelley Fabares, Richard Deacon, Tim Considine, and, of course Annette.

Ernie Ford on I Love Lucy
Ernie's famous account of riding a New York subway the first time, and asking Ricky the "facility's" whereabouts. Funny!

Shades Down
An R&B classic by the Detroit Emeralds. No visual, just one of the best instrumentals ever.

Wendy Rene "Bar-B-Q"
Another R&B gem. You might've heard this on the Chili's TV ad. Such a cute song. No visuals, just the good music.

Paper is not Dead!
Found this via one of my regular discussion forums. While actually an advertisement for TP, it does speak volumes on how much we rely on those tablets. Perhaps too much! This 39-second clip really rates a LMAO!

Benny Goodman and Lionel Hampton play "Stealing Apples"
I've been researching vibraphone music recently and found this video clip. I love how the vibes sound, and Hampton made them glow brilliantly.

Reverse Jurassic Park
An imaginative and funny animated short parody of the classic movie. What if the current Cenozoic is long over and now it's the Mesozoic? Yep, dinosaurs rule, but what if an enterprising dino decides to clone long-extinct mammals?

Ice Cream Song from "Shrimps for a Day"
One of my favorite Our Gang shorts. Olive and George Brasno are featured with the former singing the Ice Cream Song. If anyone knows of an inexpensive DVD (or a share on YouTube) of the complete short, please let me know.

Fishers IN Boy Dances up a Storm
Here is the famous one-minute video that made an 8-year old boy an instant nationwide celebrity. Taken at a Pacers home game.

"Feed the Birds"
This is my favorite song from Disney's Mary Poppins. Stunning blend of animation and live action. A bit of movie trivia: This was Jane Darwell's last screen appearance.

Working Farmer Style
A parody of the famous Korean hip-hop hit "Gangnam Style."

Gabbie Giffords Leads the Pledge at DNC 2012
What else is there to say about the human spirit and its ability to rise above the most daunting adversity.

Dolly Parton sings "Traveling Man"
I believe this was performed on Porter Waggoner's TV show. Dolly was still is so pretty. Fun song!

Jimmy Fallon and Elmo: May 16, 2011
My sister shared this with me recently. This is a scream! I kept wondering how Kevin Clash does these comedy bits without cracking up. Note: You may not want the pre-schoolers to see Elmo lose his temper. It's all in fun and the spirit of comedy.

Little Rascals: How to Make a Cake
From the short "Birthday Blues." This should be entitled "How Not to Make a Cake." The sound effects really sell this sequence. No cake for me, thank you.

New CGI Animation on Titanic Sinking
From the National Geographic TV special and narrated by James Cameron. Shows, in accelerated time lapse, the collision, sinking, and how the bow and stern crashed to the ocean floor.

Silly Symphonies: Lullaby Land
This is so cute! I remember watching this via the old Mickey Mouse Club TV show.

Silly Symphonies: Flowers and Trees
Classic Disney animated short that won many awards. Charming!

Silly Symphonies: The Old Mill
Definitely one of Disney's best animated shorts, and a favorite of mine. Beautifully animated, lovely story telling without dialogue.

"The Stampede"by Fletcher Henderson
Circa 1926 and a forerunner of the swing to come a decade later, this tune is infectiously lively that will have you on your feet. No visuals in the clip other than a 1920's Life magazine cover. It's the music that grabs the attention.

Dippermouth Blues AKA Sugarfoot Stomp by King Oliver Creole Band featuring Louis Armstrong
Another 1920's jazz classic featuring a young Louis Armstrong. Already, while listening to Satchmo's musical and technical prowess, one can sense the greatness to come.

9:20 Special by Count Basie and his Orchestra
Wow, this is really a get 'em off their butts and dance number. Again, no moving visuals in the clip, just vintage photos and great music.

How to Revive Dried Gel Eyeliner
I love my gel eyeliner, but it has a tendency to dry out. Here are two ways to extend its life and save money.

Disney's Silly Symphonies: Music Land
Years ago, I was fortunate to find a VHS copy of this classic Disney shorts collection. Now, several of these shorts are on YouTube. "Music Land" is my particular favorite.

Jimmy Rides the Zip Line
This had to be the most popular attraction in Super Bowl Village. See Jimmy Fallon take the big ride!

Jimmy's Thank You Notes from Indianapolis
From the 02/03/2012 show from the Circle Theater. Love his Thank You notes!

Head Swap from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
From the 02/01/2012 show from the Hilbert Circle Theater in Indianapolis during Super Bowl week. This is so funny, and Jimmy really makes use of Indy's landmarks, e.g., Speedway. Please turn up your volume while watching. Video has low audio.

Rare 1912 Footage of Titanic
Just in time for Titanic's Centennial. I was searching for images and video of the doomed ocean liner and found this very rare footage. Shows Captain Smith, the various promenade decks, the departure from Southampton, and the Carpathia. Fascinating!

More Real Photos and Film of Titanic
Still photos and film footage of the ship, passengers, crew. Love the background music.

Burning Love ~ Closing Scenes from Lilo and Stitch
I just love this movie. Here is the closing sequence. Love Stitch doing the laundry!

Timon & Pumbaa do the Hula
While searching for the Lilo & Stitch opening song, I thought of this gem from The Lion King. Funny!

"Little Red Riding Rabbit" starring Bugs Bunny
That song Red sings at the beginning still sticks in my mind. So here's the vintage cartoon short in its entirety. By the way, Red's voice belongs to Bea Benedaret of Petticoat Junction and Beverly Hillbillies fame. Hilarious!

Charlotte Church sings "Bali Ha'i"
I've loved this lady since her breakout album years ago, when she was only thirteen. This song is my favorite from "South Pacific."

"He Melo No Lilo" from Lilo and Stitch
From the opening credits of this very sweet movie. Lilo is drawn so cute! Want Lyrics to go with that? And a translation? Beautiful song!
Please note the Translation page has the song to listen to but you'll need Real Player to hear it.

He Melo No Lilo: Dance Recital from Mexico
Found this on the side links while watching the Disney movie clip. So far this is my favorite live rendition of the dance. Those ladies are beautiful!

"Hellfire" from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
In my opinion, in all the Disney animated features, this is the best villain song. Really gets into Frollo's conflicted emotions. The animation in this sequence is astounding!

The Cosby Show -- Season 2 "The Juicer" Part I
Remember when Cliff bought a juicer? Rudy and Peter wanted PBJ sandwiches but there was no jelly. What to do? Make some with the juicer! Check out the other episodes linked on the side.

The Cosby Show -- Night Time is the Right Time
A classic gem from The Cosby Show. Love Rudy lip-syncing "Baby!"

"Reflection" from Disney's Mulan
One of my favorites from this movie. Very short yet moving.

Flip Wilson "Ugly Baby"
Vintage "Tonight Show" clip featuring Flip Wilson doing his famous "ugly baby" joke. What a punchline! Watch for Johnny's reaction. Note how times have changed since. Flip's smoking on live TV. Don't see that anymore.

God Help the Outcasts
Esmeralda's song from Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame. Love this!

Hakuna Matata
Famous fun song from Disney's The Lion King. Check out the other related videos linked on the side.

Spit it Out! A Lemonade Stand Crime
Actually the famous "spit take" scenes from the Our Gang short "The Lucky Corner." There is a nice treat at the very end. Loads of laughs!

The Outer Limits: It Crawled Out of the Woodwork
One of my favorite episodes. If you remember this classic sci-fi series then surf around for other episodes linked. I loved this!

Paramore: Ignorance
I can take or leave most hard rock anymore, but someone posted this on Facebook weeks ago and now I'm hooked. The song is from the 2009 album Brand New Eyes, but it still sounds just as fresh. Hayley Williams has a big strong voice and even bigger presence. The band, the song, lyrics, and Hayley really grew on me.

Petticoat Junction Intro & Closing Credits
I sure miss that train!

Folgers Coffee & Mrs Olson
Love these old commercials.

Morris the Cat hawks 9 Lives® cat food
How I wish Morris was still with us. He's the reason I bought the brand in the first place!

Hilarious scene from The Cosby Show, Season II Episode 20
With every room taken over by kids and friends, poor Cliff couldn't find a quiet spot to relax and read. Here's what he encountered in the living room: Denise and her Reggae-loving boyfriend. Funny!

I Won't Say I'm in Love
From Disney's Hercules. I love this song! So 60's girl group. This was taken from a Sing-a-Long. Complete with lyrics.

Diner scene from The Princess and the Frog
This is one of my favorite scenes. The irrepressible Charlotte La Bouff is in fine and very funny form.

Nine-Year Old Tears Up "Orange Blossom Special"
The best things about Wikipedia are the many cross-referenced web pages, videos, and audio links. I ran across this video while looking up information on the famous bluegrass standard. I've always admired string players' technical skills, and OBS ranks as the most challenging along with Bach's Partitas and Paganini's Caprices. Well done!

Coffee Cantata
Was Googling for audio clips to Bach's Cantata No. 211 and found this great five minute video clip. Focuses on the musicians, singers, and, of course, coffee!

Amii Stewart sings "Knock on Wood"
A blast from the 70's! I remember the old Rufus and Carla Thomas version from the 60's, but this disco, electro-infused rendition is still one of my favorites.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Marcie sings at Duke's Funeral
Kathy Brier (ex-Marcie OLTL) touches the heart with her wonderful voice and soaring emotion. Even if you don't watch this soap or any soap the song alone is worth those 5 minutes.

The View if Earth had Saturn's Rings
Stumbled upon this while Googling for Saturn images. So what if Earth had those fabulous rings? What would we see from various places on Earth?

Remember the 1978 sci-fi classic Battlestar Galactica? I loved this show and scoured YouTube for clips.

By the way, from the BSG clips linked here, it was not Starbuck nor Apollo who commanded my attention. Okay, so I have a "thang" for the bad guy!

Anyone remember Yardley cosmetics, particularly Slicker and the many fragrances? I do, and I found this one for Daylight Encounter fragrance starring a very young, way before famous Susan Sarandon.

That's all I have for now. More will be linked soon. If anything linked here comes up Error 404 or "user account cancelled", please contact me as soon as possible. The dead link will be removed.

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