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Welcome to the retooled "Sweet & Sexy Ladies." Here you will find pinup and fetish fashion images ready for snagging and sharing. Please note that no nudity nor overt sexuality is involved. Just lovely young ladies dressed in sexy, sassy fashions: Leather, latex, spandex, lingerie.

Instead of listing and linking each image, I've created PHP thumbnail sheets for each directory. There you can see the image(s) along with size and dimensions. For now there are only two directories with another coming soon.

While I don't mind the occasional share without transferring to one's own files, I do mind if the image is to be used continuously, e.g., on an email sig or web page. Bandwidth waste/theft hurts everyone. In that case, please transload/upload to your own files on your web host and/or Pagebuilder Scrapbook. It's only good netiquette. Need a transloader? Try The Freeloader.

The Images:
Sweet and Sexy I
Sweet and Sexy II

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