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Web Graphics for Everyone!

Updated 19 October 2012

Welcome to my page of image shares. I've collected these over the years so I'm willing to share them with everyone. These are free to use on your email sigs and/or web pages. Please do not hot-link or remotely load. Transload/upload to your own files on your own webhost.
I do not require a linkback!.

NOTE: As far as I know, these are public domain, but if you should see any copyrighted images, please let me know. Either I'll give proper credit or remove the image from my files.

This list will grow as I acquire more images. Help yourself. (*) Denotes animated image. There are more images linked below this list. Those are in open directories for easy snagging.

Victorian Cottage
Pretty Butterfly
Black Brick Wall BG
Blue Crystal Orb
Fairy-Tale Castle
Bubble Glow BG
Fire Bowl*
Heart of the Ocean
Music BG
Music Score BG
Lovely Lady
Pink Music BG
Plasma Ball*
Rainbow BG
Red Rose
RR Crossing*
Sci-Fi Sphere*
Silver Bar
Spinning Crystal*
Queen of Tides
WebTV City Glow*
Floating Leaves*
Floating Music*
Floating Sparkles*
Floating Stars*
Floating Fireworks*
Daisy Bar
Legal Pad BG
The Planets
Sea Dancer*
Red Striped BG
Textured Beige BG
Space BG
Black Ringbinder BG

Wait! There Are More!

As of this update I've added more image shares. Just a handful for now, but the collection will grow as fast as I upload 'em.

The first two folders contain numerous cartoon dollz I've made over the years. Most are the usual: Preps, unique, shuni, Candybar, Doll Divine creations. All presented in thumbnails with dimensions displayed. All files are clickable and ready to download/transload.
Dollz 1
Dollz 2

The backgrounds are various are presented in same thumbnail format.