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Welcome to my printing resource page. As of now, I have TWO WebTV/MSNTV friendly word processors: A "Docmaker" that renders a clean printable copy with even one-inch margins on both sides of the paper. And a Letter Maker where you can write and print out effective, professional looking business letters. Then I have a page of links to many more (and growing) printable resources for the LBB crowd.

FYI to PC/Mac users: My printables are, for now, formatted to fit the WebTV/MSNTV screen. They may not print satisfactoriness on your larger/better screen resolution. In the future I will provide similar forms in PDF and Word Doc format for easy printing.

Document Maker
Simple pre-formatted form to type in all your information for printing. Instructions and sample pages are available.

Business Letter Generator
Just follow the instructions on the form and type your letter. Hit "Submit" and print the results. Very easy!

NOTE: These forms will not save or send any data. You must print out whatever information you type in.

Ready-made Printables

Events/Planning Calendar
Fully customizable planning calendar. Enter special events, birthdays, holidays, vacation, "to do" tasks, etc. Select colors, font, then make your own printable calendar. Very nice!

Color Printing Test #1 and #2
Use these pages to test your color printer settings and ink cartridges.

Assorted printable resources I've collected in my Favs folders. Cards, word pros, school printables, worksheets, day planners, to-do lists, etc.

 Assorted Forms to Print
A few of my own printable forms I've made for my own use. I am now sharing some of my handiwork. Forms for writing, story planning, book lists, journalling, budget planners, to-do lists, school schedules (Elem, MS, HS), etc.


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