Document Maker: Instructions

This will render printable pre-formatted documents with even one-inch margins on both sides of paper. Type your document between the PRE tags. DO NOT ALTER THE TABLE TAGS!
Within your document, you may use any HTML tags desired: italic, bold, underlining, heading, ordered or unordered lists, strikethrough, etc. Use the </tt> tag if you don't want "typewriter" font. Erase PRE tags if desired, but you'll have to use line and paragraph breaks.
You can even use images. Make sure you type in the ENTIRE URL of the image used.
Type your document after the "DOCUMENT GOES HERE" comment tag. DO NOT TYPE BELOW WHERE IT SAYS SO!
Hit the Preview button. If you are satisfied with your document, you may print out.
NOTE: Documents cannot be sent or saved. I strongly suggest to highlight (CMD+A) and copy (CMD+C) your code before hitting "click 2 print". If you hit your Back button before printing, the textarea may be blank.

Any questions? I'll be glad to help out. Drop me a line


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