Print This! It'll Make You Feel Better

Nice little assortment of printables especially for WebTV/MSNTV users. Puzzles, day planners, to-do lists, cards, school stuff, etc.

Assorted Printables & Forms

For the school sites, a few have files in PDF format which WebTV can't view. You will have to email the entire file URL to Access Adobe --

DO NOT ABUSE THIS SERVICE! Adobe provides this primarily for the sight-impaired. It does not work for PDF files that have images, tables, or form markup. Adobe will send back files in PLAIN TEXT. You can copy (cmd+C) and paste (cmd+v) the text file into your HTML editor (Tripod, Geo, Zone, DS, Domania, etc.). Format as you like, then save as either txt or html.
Of course, if you have a PC with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat, then no problem!

Printable School Resources

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