fit 2 print

Here are some of my own printable forms of various types. They are FULL size 8 1/2-by-11, so they are suitable to keep in a 3-ring binder.

Reading & Writing

Blank Journal Page
Nice blank page w/image I use for freewriting and/or journalling.

Writing Planner
I use this to plan fan fiction, general fiction, essays, poems, etc.

"Books I've read (or been meaning to read)"
Nice blank page w/book image. I use it to keep track of books I've read or want to read. Nice for a mini review. Great for keeping track of borrowed library materials!

Daily Planners and More

Bill Reminder
Keep track of monthly bills. I jot down the bill, amount owed, then check off what's been paid. A life saver if you have LOTS of bills!

Daily To-Do List
Keep on top of daily tasks with this handy list. I use it in both my personal and professional life.

Daily Timetable
Got a lot of appointments? This lists goes from early morning to late evening. Room for those last-minute notes, too.

Weekly Goal
Need to plan ahead? Whatever you want to accomplish in the coming week, this form will help. It'll help design your daily tasks that much easier.

Avon Order Blank
If you are a regular Avon customer, use this handy form. Fill in item number, description, price, etc. before calling your representative. Great time saver!