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Updated 19 October

fall cats
News & information for Webbilicious and my other sites. Newer items on top.

Finally, after more than a year's stagnation, this site will see new life. Unfortunately, some features will cease operation while others see new additions and renovation.

Why haven't I updated? Far too many reasons, and it would take pages to detail all. Bad cataracts in both eyes, the left so bad I couldn't see a three feet before me. Reading was impossible and going out became more dangerous. Computer time was almost nil, and I couldn't see what I was writing anyway. Couple that with taking care of my elderly mother and a cat, cooking, cleaning up after them, taking care of household needs, etc.
I can see fine out the left eye, but the right will have to wait a while. My BP is acting up and will have to be brought back under control. However, I can see well enough to read, write, cook from a printed recipe, walk to the bus stop and anywhere without fear, and spend a bit more time on the computer. I have to wear special readers when I'm on the PC to cut down the glare and strain.

Onto Webbilicious. There will be changes in the next few days. Bad news first then the good.

  • Codes & Tools (FKA Readymade HTML) will be yanked for a possible makeover. Most of the HTML codes were WebTV-specific, so naturally the page must undergo serious editing or die altogether. I'm opting for the latter.
  • Which means the I Need Help pages will die as well. All LBB-specific pages from button borders to tools to sig codes go away forever. What's the point in keeping them?
  • My printables page will also die. They were made especially for WebTV users, but with the LBB's death, plus the wealth of printable sources online, I no need to keep it.
  • I am working on a general links page of online resources from PC tutorials to web design to forms to printables. More on this as it happens.
  • The image shares will undergo a cosmetic facelift. There will also be a few additions to my shares files.
  • Ditto for the video shares. I have several new additions from R&B oldies to classic TV ads and more Disney goodies.
  • Now that we're no longer dependent on WebTV, there is a chance I could add a couple new JavaScript games that the LBB couldn't run. That is a might big "chance", though.

As for my other sites, the fan fiction site is moving elsewhere, just for a while so I can decide if I like the new place. I always wanted the fan fiction site -- my first site ever -- to be standalone. However, after a month or so trial, I will decide if the site stays put or moves here as previously planned. The fanfic archive will be here once I get the flagship site settled and running. For now go to the archived site at Tripod. That account has reverted to free, and I have no means of updating the pages. Free accounts don't get file managers or editors. Boo!
Crazedwriter's World will remain here and hopefully will see some action by end of year.

Other Matters:

  • Due to lack of interest, and that Yahoo Groups has become so user-unfriendly, AllMyFanfiction newsletter is dead. The old MessageBot list is still active so sign up for that. No logins, IDs, or hassles. Actually, I use the bulletin board to post up-to-the-minute news, and that goes for all the sites.
  • I no longer have guestbooks. Too much trouble gutting the spam posts. Just send email for feedback, raves, rants, questions, etc. You may also catch me on Facebook or Twitter. Want to friend, like, or follow? Be my guest!

    That's all for now. As always, thank you for your many visits and support.

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