Disclaimer & Copyright Info

     All works featured on this site are written and copyrighted by me, P.R.Parker. All rights reserved. No one may copy, reproduce, distribute, upload, download, or transload said works without author's permission. All characters and situations are sole property of the author/webmistress.

Story Content FAQ

     This site is divided into two parts: Crazedwriter's World (mainstream fiction) and Passion Magic™ (more mature fiction)
    The Passion Magic™ works are decidedly adult in nature. While not pornographic or overtly adult, said works contain sexual themes (straight & gay; human/non-human), language, adult situations and settings, and violence. Therefore, said works are not appropriate for anyone under 17 or those who find such themes objectionable.

     My mainstream stories are safe for young people although they may contain mild violence. They range from PG to PG-13 at best.


     The majority of works range from fantasy to science fiction to horror. While some stories may read "normal", there is still that fantastic edge.
     Running themes in all my stories are various: Feminist theory, race relations, womanist theory, repression, mental illness, utopian societies, ageism, oppression, GLBT issues, magic, paranormal, psychism, parapsychology, interpersonal relations, etc.

If you have any questions, comments, rants, or raves, please email the Author/Webmistress.