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Please Read! Updated as of June 1, 2012:

Due to lack of interest, Hunchback of Notre Dame and Tales of the Mesozoic rings are dead. One of two other rings I manage may die as well. The only rings that still produce significant interest and hits are Writers on the Web and Authors of Erotica. If your site is in any other ring, please expect a notice from me by mid-June. Thanks for your support and interest, but managing web rings is no longer fun.

I manage four rings of various topics. Links to all Ring Hubs at bottom of this page.
  1. Who can join your rings?
    Anyone can join the rings, but there are specific qualifications for each.
  2. What are the requirements for Writers on the Web?
    Web: Sites that feature writing -- poetry, fiction, non-fiction, fan fiction, scripts for movies, TV, or stage, blogs. WebTV users are especially welcome to join but membership is not limited to WebTV users. One thing: your site must feature some kind of original writing. No F-keys, HTML CC&P codes, sig makers, graphic sites, links pages, or WebTV help pages will be accepted.
  3. What are the requirements for Black Folks Who Write?
    Open to all African-American writers who showcase their works on the web. All writing genres are welcome. Fiction, non-fiction, blogs, poetry, screenplays, etc.
  4. What are the requirements for Authors of Erotica?
    Open to all writers of erotic/adult fiction, poetry, fan fiction and non-fiction, blogs, etc. Please have the necessary disclaimers on your site. NO discussion forums, mailing lists, pay sites, or XXX hardcore porn sites please. Absolutely NO sites that exploit children and teens. This is expressly forbidden in WebRing's TOS.
  5. What are the requirements for SA 1776 WebTV Wizards?
    Any site geared to the Little Black Box crowd or general audience. In fact, I encourage WebTV webmasters who make sites for everyone, not just LBB users, to join. Fkeys, tools, resources, graphic and font collections, ImageMagick tutorials, personal sites, fan sites, etc. PC-made sites are welcome but they must be readily accessible and navigable with a WebTV browser.

Adding your site and what to do once confirmation email arrives

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