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Updated 01-28-2011

As of this update, "My Say" is now a featured segment of Webbilicious. It is no longer considered a standalone site.

The Quietest Cloud
Written in September 2003. This is my reflection on events of September 11, 2001.
FYI: This was once part of my "Crazedwriter's World" before I made that site for fiction only.

The "Music Memory Contest": How It Sparked a Lifelong Passion
If you are a baby boomer and attended an Indianapolis public school, you should remember this gem from your music classes. It certainly changed my life and opened a whole new world. (05/05/05)

From "Little Hellhole" to Cultural Showcase
Take a stroll down Massachusetts Avenue, the heart of Indianapolis' arts and theatre scene. Read how this once-dilapidated, much blighted thoroughfare gradually transformed into the showplace it is today. (05/18/05)

Is Cosby Right?
Comedian and educator Bill Cosby made several valid points and upset a few people during his speech on the lackluster status of African American academic achievement. In this essay, I will address Cosby's arguments and provide some timely observations of my own. (05/31/05)

Character Education
The recent upsurge in reviving character and ethics studies in our public schools has proven to work wonders by improving children's intellectual, moral, and social development. (06/02/05)

Bye-Bye Ayres
Personal narrative on the demise of yet another Hoosier standout: the once-elegant L.S. Ayres department store. (08/07/05)

I Gotta Go, But Where?
Originally published in my blog. Just personal observations on a personal matter Having to go to the restroom but there is no place to go! (07-28-06)

Is Cosby Right? Part II
Actually wrote this last year, but I've edited and polished it up. Continuing my thoughts on low academic performance. This entry takes on mass media and consumer culture's role. Part II of several installments. (07-30-06)

Here is a kid who's ready for school
My niece, before she turned three, was cognitively and socially light years ahead of most kindergarten and first graders I encounter everyday. Why is that? (January 2011)

My thoughts on the newest set-top browser and why it could hammer the last proverbial nail in WebTV's coffin. (January 2011)

The Death of 250Free
What was a decent and apparently profitable web hosting company has suddenly gone broke and offline. (January 2011)

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