Updated as of June 12, 2010

Domania no longer supports the SHO slide show format, so I'm back at the old "frames & redirect" mode. Slide shows are easy to make. The only skills you'll need are:

The following codes are necessary to make your show run smoothly.
A slide show has these parts:

  1. A FRAMESET page where you put the title of your show, your music, and URL of first slide.
  2. Separate HTML pages for each slide, with META REFRESH that loads each page automatically every few seconds.
  3. A breakout page that gets your visitors out of frames and redirects them to your homepage or wherever you want them to go.

Below are the codes. Just copy the HTML and paste into your webpage editor or Pagebuilder. Follow the directions on each page:

This is necessary or the music will not play all the way through. Name the file "start.html" -- that's what I do.

HTML for slides
You will need separate pages for each slide. For example, if you want to show 10 images, you will need to make 10 pages. Name the files anything you wish.

Breakout page
This page will follow your last slide.

I made my first slide show with these codes and it is very successful.

Click here for my Beautiful Bridges show.
It runs about 10 minutes and has endless music. I suggest using a short midi that will loop seamlessly. Longer midi files take longer to restart.


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