I made these pages to offer True Type Fonts to those on MSN-TV who don't have the means to unzip font files on the web. Not many of us know that we can use fonts found at font sites! These pages are for the sole benefit of MSN-TV subscribers.

I recommend checking out my Basic Tips page to find out how to use these .TTF files Image Magick. One of these sites below should work:

arrow Image Magick Studio

arrow Cristy's Image Magick

arrow Net4TV's Image Magick

It's as simple as Copy and Pasting the TTF file at Image Magick's "Annotate" page. Feel free to use this clear.gif which is 200x50 if you don't have one. You can resize it as desired.

Using the below links, browse the Font Samples, and check out Basic Tips where you will find instructions for using these .TTF files. You will also find a link to Angel's Imagery Tutorials. Also, check out Font links at Font Resources for some great sites (needs updating). Above all, have fun!!!

A very special thanks goes out to Captain Raider of Captain Raider's Font Repository for the hard work he did on his cool Font site. I believe his site to be the original MSN-TV site that offers .TTF files for MSN-TVers. He was my Inspiration, so please visit him and you'll see why!


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